When I Fall In Love - Sang by Peppe Merolla

Drummer - singer - Composer - Trumpeter Peppe Merolla singing My One and Only Love

Peppe Merolla is a consummate showman.  Singer , Drummer, Trumpet player, Piano Player, and Actor.  Peppe does it all with seemingly limitless talent and skill. And He should. He was, after all, leterally born to the stage. Peppe got his start at the age of five in Italy, performing and touring internationally with his parents Tina Barone and Gino Morelli who continue careers as professional singersand actors today.
Peppe can pull off an amazing imp[ression of Louis Armstrong singing "What a wonderful world" and play the trumpet too.
Peppe earned his master degree in trumpet at the conservatory of music San Pietro a majella of Naples Italy.