Peppe Merolla is now teaching ONLINE! Get Skype. Skype address is Peppe Merolla - Contact Mister Merolla to find out more about programs and how it works. It's very simple  check out some of the videos below. Order your copy of For Serious Drummers Only Volume 1, Peppe Merolla's first Instructional video. Send an e-mail to receive information. NOW SPECIAL OFFER ONLY $25 us dollars including shipment. Buy 4 (1 hour) drum lessons for $300

Peppe Merolla's Instructional DVD For Serious Drummers Only

Drum solo using some rudiments by Peppe Merolla Online drum lessons

Single Stroke Roll - Online Drum lessons

Online Drum Lessons

instructional video for serious drummers only

Online Drum Lessons Only you need is Skype

Jazz Phrasing Online Drum Lessons

Warm Up Exercise